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Earthlite Home Massage DVD
Brings a new level of family closeness to your home.

Integrative Massage Series
$29.95 - $76.47
Expand your skills. Buy one or all three. A Great way to learn some wonderful massage techniques. Choose from either Deep muscular massage, Rejuvenating & Revitalizing Massage or Gentle Stress Relieving Massage or Choose all. These videos will show y...

Nerve Mobilization
The most complete and advanced treatment for the arm! Nerve Mobilization is a way of thinking about the body that uses the nervous system as a frame of reference.

Nerve Mobilization - Back, Pelvis, and Leg
This four hour DVD covers 21 assessment techniques for the nerves and surrounding structures of the back, pelvis, and legs.

Seated Therapeutic Massage 3 Disc Series
Volume 1 - Back & Neck: Covers chair operation, sanitation procedures, patient communication, therapist bodymechanics, PLUS anatomy, trigger points, common complaints and detailed treatment of quadratus-luborum, erector spinae, rhomboids, upper and m...

Therapeutic Massage
Increase the healing power of your touch! This video shows 3 massage routines utilizing 90 techniques.

It's Baby Time! Exercise & Play
A fun, exciting experience for you and your infant featuring massage, exercise, karaoke sing-alongs and animations!