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Haci Magnetic Acupressure Bulb Suction Cupping Set - 12 pieces
$49.95 $33.99
One of the most coveted sets in the industry. Portable, functional and highly effective. 12 pieces with Carry case included.

Haci 18 pc Magnetic Therapy Acupressure Bulb Cupping Set
$69.95 $43.69
Portable, Functional and Highly Effective. This set has it all. One of the most coveted sets in the cupping industry.

Powerpress Electric Cupping Machine Set
$164.99 $149.95
A Professional Electric cupping set with Finger Touch adjustable vacuum pressure. Complete kit comes with everything needed to make cupping easy.

Korean Pistol Hand Cupping Set 17 pc w/ Pump
$59.99 $47.95
Made in Korea Hand Cupping Set; 17 Suction Cups (4 Different Sizes), Hand Pump, Suction Hose and Carrying Case.

Hansol Professional Cupping Set - Pump handle 19 cups
$64.99 $49.95
Cupping therapy is actually the ancient form of medicine. 17 plastic cup set with magnets which also apply a mild acu-pressure to the body.

Kangci Complete Cupping Set with Magnets - 24 pc
24 Plastic cups per set with detachable magnets tailored for either magnetic cupping or standard cupping therapy

KN Complete 12 Piece Cupping set w/ Pump
Pull out vacuum cupping therapy set.

17 Piece Deluxe Plastic Cupping Set w/ Pump
$54.99 $48.77
This deluxe new cupping set contains plastic cups that are shock and heat resistant, which allows them to be sterilized in boiling water.

Clear Silicone Soft Cupping Set 4 PC
$36.99 $28.79
Smooth, flexible, transparent, medical quality. Clear & see-through to monitor & manage cupping timing and performance.

E-Z Press Silicone Massage Cupping Vacuum Cups
Simple and "E-Z" to use, these non-toxic silicone massage therapy vacuum cups is applied at just the push of a button.

Finnish Style Cupping Set - European Medical Cupping
This unique cupping set differs from traditional cupping device that it provides negative pressure release to get rid of rigid soft tissue

7 Piece Clear Silicone Cupping Set
This unique cupping set has 7 Premium Transparent Silicone Vacuum Cups. Set includes 2 Large, 2 Medium and 3 Small cups.