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Custom Craftworks Essential Accessory Package
Essential Accessory Package

Custom Craftworks Graduate Accessory Package
In our Graduate Package, we further customize your experience by combining our table with a convenient 30" carry case, table cart, dual-action face rest with pillow, 6" x 27" premium round bolster, 2-piece sheet set (fitted and flat) and a 3-pack of ...

Touch America High-End Table Accessory Package Upgrade
Includes Deluxe Facespace II, Salon Head/Neck Rest, and 60-degree Sidearms (or Flex Armests)

Smart Step Anti-Fatigue Floor Mats
$99.95 - $259.95
Smart Step mats are ergonomically engineered to provide maximum comfort, safety, relief and well-being while standing.

Massage Table Anti-Fatigue Floor Mat Set
$129.99 $89.77
Two 1/2" thick anti fatigue mats to use on both sides of your massage table for a new level of comfort as you work.

Earthlite Portable Universal Hanging Armrest Sling
$89.99 $72.00
The Hanging Arm sling provides comfort to your client and is great for opening the shoulders for deeper access. It is lightweight and easy to install as it attaches with a strap to any headrest.

Custom Craftworks Premium Arm Rest Shelf (Front)
Increase your treatment effectiveness by posistioning your client for greater access to the shoulder girdle.

Earthlite Universal Armrest
$85.00 $68.00
The Universal armrest provides excellent shoulder support and comes in various colors.

Oakworks Stationary Lowered Arm Rest Shelf with Aero-Cel Padding
Super-comfortable Same plush padding as Oakworks stationary massage tables Extremely stable Removable Stationary Arm Rest Shelf cannot be used on stationary tables with the Flextop option.