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Touch America High-End Table Accessory Package Upgrade
Includes Deluxe Facespace II, Salon Head/Neck Rest, and 60-degree Sidearms (or Flex Armests)

Custom Craftworks Essential Accessory Package
Essential Accessory Package

Custom Craftworks Graduate Accessory Package
In our Graduate Package, we further customize your experience by combining our table with a convenient 30" carry case, table cart, dual-action face rest with pillow, 6" x 27" premium round bolster, 2-piece sheet set (fitted and flat) and a 3-pack of ...

Smart Step Anti-Fatigue Floor Mats
$99.95 - $259.95
Smart Step mats are ergonomically engineered to provide maximum comfort, safety, relief and well-being while standing.

Massage Table Anti-Fatigue Floor Mat Set
$129.99 $89.77
Two 1/2" thick anti fatigue mats to use on both sides of your massage table for a new level of comfort as you work.

Earthlite Portable Universal Hanging Armrest Sling
$89.99 $72.00
The Hanging Arm sling provides comfort to your client and is great for opening the shoulders for deeper access. It is lightweight and easy to install as it attaches with a strap to any headrest.

Custom Craftworks Premium Arm Rest Shelf (Front)
Increase your treatment effectiveness by posistioning your client for greater access to the shoulder girdle.

Earthlite Universal Armrest
$85.00 $68.00
The Universal armrest provides excellent shoulder support and comes in various colors.

Oakworks Stationary Lowered Arm Rest Shelf with Aero-Cel Padding
Super-comfortable Same plush padding as Oakworks stationary massage tables Extremely stable Removable Stationary Arm Rest Shelf cannot be used on stationary tables with the Flextop option.