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Acu-Ki Mini
$6.95 $5.45
This is one of our newest massage hand tools just introduced to more accurately stimulate the Auriculotherapy points on the ear.

Acu-Ki Pen
This massage hand tool adds to the number of effective tools that's been developed to stimulate acupressure points.

Acu-Ki Set
ACU-KI SET contains the basic introductory book (Ancient Wisdom for Modern Day Healing) and the acupressure tool (Acu-ki).

Shiatsu Massaging Shoe Pads
Enjoy new vitality and compfort with your "Shiatsu Pad" as they stimulate the pressure points on your soles the natural and effortless way while you walk.

Orgone Healing Massage Wands
Orgone energy massage wand with healing crystals. Fits perfectly in your hand.

Mini Silicone Massage Cups
100% Brand new and high quality! Environmental protection materials, no bad stimulation on the skin.

AcuPointer Electronic Acupuncture Meridian Energy Pain Relief Pen
Features: The essence of Chinese medicine, health promotion, fusion of modern biotechnology, without piercing the skin to do acupuncture.

Sage Bio Hazard Container 1 Qt
Approved Biohazard Waste Container made of puncture resistant plastic.

Acupoints Model of Ear - 3 inch
3”L, plastic model of ear showing acupoints in numbers and words.

Model of the Human Body - Male - 19 inch with stand
Soft and durable plastic model of human body, male, 48cm/19” H, international standard marked in number and words.

Acupoints Rubber Foot Model
$10.49 $8.25
3” H, 5.5" L plastic model of LEFT foot showing acupoints in numbers.

RelCare Pulse Analgesla Pain Releif Pen
$29.95 $23.77
A fast working pain relief tool. Uses crystal produced low frequency electrical charges to turns on the body's natural defense system by activating endorphin's.