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Mini Silicone Massage Cups
100% Brand new and high quality! Environmental protection materials, no bad stimulation on the skin.

AcuPointer Electronic Acupuncture Meridian Energy Pain Relief Pen
Features: The essence of Chinese medicine, health promotion, fusion of modern biotechnology, without piercing the skin to do acupuncture.

Sage Bio Hazard Container 1 Qt
Approved Biohazard Waste Container made of puncture resistant plastic.

Acupoints Model of Ear - 3 inch
3L, plastic model of ear showing acupoints in numbers and words.

Model of the Human Body - Male - 19 inch with stand
Soft and durable plastic model of human body, male, 48cm/19 H, international standard marked in number and words.

Acupoints Rubber Foot Model
$10.49 $8.25
3 H, 5.5" L plastic model of LEFT foot showing acupoints in numbers.

RelCare Pulse Analgesla Pain Releif Pen
$29.95 $23.77
A fast working pain relief tool. Uses crystal produced low frequency electrical charges to turns on the body's natural defense system by activating endorphin's.

Infrared Skin Care Lamp -
$174.00 $145.95
Generates deep penetrating heat to localized areas of the body. It is known for effective relief of pain and inflammation.

Infrared Skin Care Lamp Infrared Heat Lamp Replacement Bulb - Red -
A red replacement bulb for the Infrared Skin Care Lamp.

WuShe Smokeless Moxa
- " x 4-" densely-packed stick generates intense heat- Rigid roll contains moxa and herbs- Very slow-burning at approximately 1.8" per hour

Nien-Ying Rolls
Distinguishing aroma produces relaxing effect. Rolls contain tightly packed Moxa and herbs.

Angled Ear Probe
Stainless steel probe for locating and treating ear and body points.