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Ikkona Sterilization Pouches for Autoclave Sterilizers
Ikonna Transparent "Easy Seal" Sterilization Pouch size: 3.

G5 Cellutec Cellulite Machine
$1,895.00 $1,620.00
G5 Brand Massage Machines are recognized as the most powerful, reliable, and durable. You can provides services such as cellulite reduction, exfoliation, & more

Earthlite Calistoga Portable Massage Table
$1,199.00 $959.20
The Calistoga Portable Massage Table lets you offer facials, massages, and other spa treatments “on the go”. Folds away for portability and easy storage.

Custom Craftworks Aura Lift Back Stationary
$659.00 $609.00
The Aura Liftback offers the same great features of the Basic plus the added feature of a manually adjustable backrest and auto adjust/ removable armrests and quiet air shock.

Dermalogic Sachse Hydraulic Facial Chair Bed
$699.00 $499.00
Chair fully reclines and legs will decline to 45 degree angle downward.

Oakworks ProLuxe Lift-assist Salon Top
$2,305.00 $1,959.00
The Proluxe Series is the perfect choice when you are looking for great value and excellent functionality.

Parker Facial Bed Chair & Stool - BLACK
$449.99 $412.99
A great looking elegant Facial Chair. Perfect for tattooing, waxing, facials, and light massage. Comes with a paper roll holder, 2 drawers & a rolling stool.

Pisces Pacifica Portable Massage Table
The lightest full size combination massage table is only 25 pounds! Making it ideal for your portable massage

Blue Light Acne Removal Pen
This acne removal pen eliminates pimple-causing bacteria, helps heal existing acne and prevent future acne breakouts, and gives painless, easy, non-invasive treatments.

Five Piece Rotary Brush System FS-219
$19.23 - $171.67
This Facial Brush System cleanses, exfoliates, and rejuvenates the epidermis while stimulating circulation.

Galvanic Single Function Machine FS-218C (Set)
$240.00 $199.00
The Galvanic Single Function Machine(FS-218C): uses disincrustation and iontophoresis to help products absorb into the skin.

Ikkona High Frequency Facial Machine
$240.00 $199.00
The High Frequency Machine uses rapidly alternating current called "Tesla Current" to achieve some very beneficial effects including deep penetration of products into the skin.