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Singing Bowl Stick
Finely turned wooden sticks are used with Tibetan singing bowls and bells.

Space Clearing Bell 8
$19.95 $12.95
Remove unwanted and negative energies with this beautiful sounding bell.

Sound Healing DVD & Manual
A Practical Application Manual + DVD112 pages; 26 minutes Manual features:• A treatise and exploration on the healing aspectsof vibration, sound & music • A Sound Healing system utilizing Ohm Tuning Forks+ music in the “key” of Ohm • 25 illustrated ...

Tuning Fork Tools & Educational Materials - Foundations: Level I Class Tools Bundle
Recommended for those seeking a complete toolset for learning tuning fork applications to the physical body.

Dynatronics Tuning Forks
$69.70 $65.70
Evaluate hearing and vibratory sensation.