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Large Singing Bowl Cushion
Perfect addition to rest medium to large singing bowls.

Ohm Therapeutics Wool Mallet
$35.00 $32.77
Our European wool mallet with rattan handle is beautiful, well made, and is an ideal size and weight for use with the Ohm Crystal Bowl.

Large Singing Bowl in 2 Tone Black Finish
The sound created by these singing bowls is said to be connected to the consciousness of the human spirit. In Tibetan tradition the powerful vibrations of the singing bowl respond to the sound of the universal creation and inner consciousness.

Ohm Therapeutics Quartz Crystal Bowls
$315.00 - $400.00
Our Ohm Crystal Bowl is custom tuned to the Cosmic frequency of Ohm & will resonate and harmonize with Ohm-based music and Ohm Tuning Forks.

Small Singing Bowl Cushion
Perfect addition to rest small to medium singing bowls.

Singing Bowl Stick
Finely turned wooden sticks are used with Tibetan singing bowls and bells.

Space Clearing Bell 8
$19.95 $12.95
Remove unwanted and negative energies with this beautiful sounding bell.