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Beautiful Eyebrows & Eyelashes: Perming & Tinting
$54.95 $46.43
For round-the-clock luscious lashes and defined brows, clients are discovering the benefits of eyelash perming and eyelash and brow tinting, two fast growing services being offered in salons today.

Clipper Cutting Techniques for Black Men, Vol I
$29.95 $25.46
Get out the clippers and learn how to provide today's most popular clipper cuts for black men, including styles sported by trend-setting celebrities and the perennial classics that never go out of fashion.

Clipper Cutting Techniques for Black Men, Vol II
$29.95 $25.46
Learn from the “Best Hairstylist in Hollywood”, Mr.

Depileve Educational Hair Removal DVD
This video offers instruction on the latest removal techniques for facial and body waxing-legs, knees, bikini line, underarms, upper lip and eyebrows- Learn how to be a professional hair removal technician. DVD.

Eyebrow Contouring & Facial Waxing
$49.95 $42.50
In this comprehensive video, two expert aestheticians, Enesa Seremet and Eva Mileski, and professional makeup artist, RJ McCasland, guide you through the steps for eyebrow contouring and facial waxing.

Eyelash Extensions Volume 1
$49.95 $42.50
Learn how to provide long, luscious eyelash extensions.

Eyelash Extensions Volume 2
$49.95 $42.50
Learn how to provide eyelash extensions to thicken and lengthen the lash line.

Platform Artistry™: Advanced Hair Color Collection
$39.95 $33.50
Complement your hair cuts with color.

Platform Artistry™: Business Hair Cuts, Colors & Styles
$29.95 $27.50
Platform artist Randy Topham demonstrates four short hair cuts for your more conservative, business-minded male clients: A clean look that is point cut at an angle for a jagged edge without lines suggesting that two-week later look.

Platform Artistry™: Long Hair Cuts, Colors & Styles
$29.95 $25.50
For your long-haired clients, Randy Topham demonstrates innovative techniques for cutting, coloring, and styling.

Platform Artistry™: Mid-Length Hair Cuts, Colors & Styles
$29.95 $25.50
Randy Topham demonstrates two mid-length hair cuts using clippers and shears, two foil color techniques, and four styles.

Platform Artistry™: Metro Hair Cuts, Colors & Styles
$29.95 $25.50
Randy Topham demonstrates four short hair cuts for your edgier, fashion-forward male clients: A shagged-out top with tight sides for a more classic yet casual cut, thinned and texturized by razor cutting twisted lengths of hair.