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Essentials of Chair Massage
$24.95 $14.49
With the Essentials of Chair Massage DVD you will learn about the benefits of chair massage for both the therapist and the clients.

Mastering Chair Massage
Master the art of chair massage.

Seated Therapeutic Massage 3 Disc Series
Volume 1 - Back & Neck: Covers chair operation, sanitation procedures, patient communication, therapist bodymechanics, PLUS anatomy, trigger points, common complaints and detailed treatment of quadratus-luborum, erector spinae, rhomboids, upper and m...

The Complete Guide to Full Body Chair Massage
$49.95 $42.46
In this comprehensive guide, learn from expert massage therapist, Meade Steadman, the inís and outís of full body chair massage therapy: techniques, equipment, and how to generate business.