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Massage For Fibromyalgia
This DVD describes the symptoms and experiences of Fibromyalgia sufferers, and shows how to use bodywork and various supplements to address the most common symptoms.

Vedic Massage - The Four Attitudes 4 DVD SET
$108.00 $98.95
Thai Yoga Assisted Asanas. 4 DVD Set. Compiles over 5 hours of Theories and Techniques for the enthusiasts of Vedic Style Thai Yoga Massage/Bodywork. Highly recommended for all massage therapists, yoga teachers and enthusiasts, dancers, martial artis...

Mastering Thai Massage
Learn the ancient art of Thai Massage with master instructor, Richard Gold.

Tai Chi: Wu Hao
Explore the secrets of Wu-Hao Tai Chi in this comprehensive video!

Vedic Massage - Thai Massage on the Table 2 DVD SETwith Mukti Buck
$69.00 $54.00
Thai Massage on the Table (2 DVD Set) by Michael Buck includes the equivalent of a full 12 day Thai Seminar in 3 1/2 focused and efficient hours of professional instruction.

Yoga: Advanced Vinyasa Flow: Strength & Balance
Included on this DVD are a short 37-minute routine, two 1-hour routines, and two longer 75-minute routines.

Restorative Yoga Practice
A total of over 4 hours of restorative yoga practice!

Yoga: Strong Vinyasa Flow
Included on this DVD are two 1-hour routines, a 45, 40 and 30 minute routine plus a 30 minute pose guide covering the steps involved in achieving 7 common difficult poses.