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BodyMed Digital Moist Heating Pad
$37.39 - $64.77
Controlled moist heat for temporary pain relief associated with muscle strains ans sprains, joint pain and inflammation

Digital Full Back Warmer- Heavy Version - Extra Large Moist Heat Heating Pad
$86.46 $72.99
You will know you have this one on you. Heavy Version really helps the heat penetrate into the tissue.

Large Cold Therapy Ice Bag
$7.99 $6.99
Quickly reduce pain and swelling with this convenient, reusable Large Cold Therapy Ice Bag featuring a durable star print cloth bag with plastic lining that molds to fit body contours. Simply unscrew the bottom cap, fill with ice and the ice bag is r...

Therapeutic Gel Beads Back Wrap
$9.99 $6.87
Great for hot and cold therapy, this Therapeutic Gel Beads Back Wrap features a comfortable design with a soft plastic gel bead-filled section and adjustable straps for a perfect fit. Wrap can be beneficial for post workout relief to help relieve pai...

Cooling Gel Eye Mask
$2.99 $2.63
Help reduce swelling and pamper tired eyes with this Cooling Gel Eye Mask. Also great for headaches and sinus trouble. Simply keep in the freezer and place over eyes whenever in need of relief or pampering. Mask is made of durable, soft plastic with ...

Chattanooga Boo Boo Cold Pack
$6.85 $5.85
Teddy bear-shaped especially for kids.

Comfort Hot Packs & Cold Pack
$6.24 - $20.11
By reducing swelling cold therapy promotes healing. Heat therapy increases blood flow to the area to help relax muscles and decrease pain.

Pressure Point Cold Therapy Packs
$25.79 - $29.02
Pressure Point Therapy Packs combine linked balls with cold therapy to ease pain and reduce inflammation.

Dual Comfort Hot Packs & Cold Pack
$11.21 - $23.29
Heat and cold in 1 great package. Cold therapy works by constricting blood vessels, resulting in a decrease in blood flow to the area of application.

Elasto-Gel Cervical Collar
The cervical collar provides therapy for minor muscular and soft tissue neck injuries.

Elasto-Gel Elasto Cranial Cap - Small / Medium
$59.52 $49.40
The Elasto-Gel Hot/Cold Therapy Cranial Cap is used mostly to relieve headaches; additionally, the cap can also help regulate and maintain healthy body temperatures.

Elasto-Gel Foot/Ankle Wrap
The Foot/Ankle wrap is in the shape of the letter "L" which allows the user to have the product go up the ankle for sprains and strains or may be turned so that the entire foot is covered.