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Roleo Pro Arm Massager
$54.99 $46.95
Regular use is intended to prevent and relieve symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome and repetitive stress injuries.

Jeanie Rub Variable Speed
$245.36 $208.56
With Jeanie Rub massagers, relief is just a flip of the switch. An industry standard, the Jeanie Rub offers deep, penetrating massages with a handheld device.

Tapping Pro Cordless Massager
A Handheld Cordless Massager. Powerful and Easy to Use.

Reflexology Foot Massager
$199.00 $159.00
Lightweight and portable, the Reflexology Foot Massager features kneading and shiatsu massage nodes to work the soles of the foot from the heels to the toes.

Heatable Acuball
$19.95 - $124.95
The heatable acuball's specially designed acupoints heat and stimulate blood flow - increasing circulation and helping flush out toxins that accumulate in tight muscles.

Thumper Maxi Pro Foot Cushion
The foot cushion is specifically designed for use with the Thumper® Maxi Pro.

Sacro Wedgy Back and Sacro Stabilizer
$32.49 - $59.45
The Sacro Wedgy® is a device that isolates and elevates the sacrum (tail-bone) - using gravity to help relax, align and re-balance from the hips out.

Body Care Foam Roller
Foam rolling is a simple technique that helps smooth out micro-tears and swelling in muscle fibers after exercise.

Acu Back Massager
This new and improved design provides a way for people to manage chronic muscular pain both on their own and in conjunction with professional medical treatment and therapy.

Swing Master
$199.00 $119.99
Check out our LOW PRICE!!!!! The "Swing Master" moves your entire body, but most importantly, it moves one of the largest muscle groups in the body, your legs.

Reflex Roller
The multi-purpose massager has variable-speeds and direction control. Shift the placement of your feet to switch between kneading and rolling massages.

Dr. Noble's Power Fingers Massager
All new for 2013 are the following improvements: • Smaller and Lighter, now weighs only 2.