Shiatsu Leg Massager
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Shiatsu Leg Massager Shiatsu Leg Massager Shiatsu Leg Massager
Shiatsu Leg Massager Shiatsu Leg Massager Shiatsu Leg Massager
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The Shiatsu Leg Massager is designed to work on your calves, feet, and ankles at the same time. Experience total lower-leg relief with rubber kneading discs, reflexology pressure-point rollers, and soothing vibration. It includes three pre-set massage programs, three vibration modes, easy-to-use controls, carry handles on the side, and an adjustable tilt rest that allows you to use the massager at a comfortable angle.

Soothing Vibration Board: Powerful, yet soothing vibration radiates from the center of each footplate, which loosens muscles, stimulates circulation, and numbs pain.

Powerful Kneading Action: The dense rubber pads rotate and press against the calves and sides of the feet, producing a kneading effect that relieves sore muscles.

Stimulates Key Reflexology Trigger Points: Reflexology rollers are designed to trigger acupressure points on the calves and the centers of each footsole.



Model: USJ-559A

Case Quantity: 1 unit
Voltage: AC 120, 60Hz
Power Consumption: USA: 90W, CA: 70W
Auto timer: Approximately 15 minutes
Kneading Frequency: Approximately 22 rpm
Vibration Frequency: 2400 +/- 200 rpm (high), 1900 +/- 200 rpm (low)
External Dimension: 15.06 x 19.5 x 17.26 in (L x W x H)
Weight: 28 +/- 2 lbs