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Keyano Aromatics Champagne & Rose Butter Cream
$10.32 - $39.85
The ultimate moisturizing treatment for hands, feet and body, it has a light fragrance and silky finish.

Keyano Aromatics Champagne and Rose Massage Oil
As a component of Vinotherapy, our Champagne and Rose massage oil helps with the beauty therapy process. The seed oil is excellent for exfoliating qualities.

Keyano Aromatics Champagne & Rose Scrub
$10.32 - $39.85
Great for manicure and body exfoliating treatments.

Keyano Aromatics Chocolate Butter Cream
$9.32 - $39.85
Keyano Chocolate Butter Cream is comfort food for your skin.

Keyano Aromatics Chocolate Scrub
$9.32 - $39.85
The Chocolate Scrub is a delectable, gentle, salt-based exfoliating treatment with natural cocoa scent and can be used in all hand, foot and body services.

Keyano Aromatics Chocolate Massage Oil
$15.77 - $49.77
Chocolate Massage Oil is comfort food for your skin - perfect for use in stand-alone massage treatments.

Keyano Aromatics Coconut Lime Scrub 10 oz.
$16.50 $10.32
Refreshingly sweet and tangy aroma to inspire thoughts of the tropics. This creamy, rich scrub is perfect for pedicures, manicures or body treatments.

Keyano Aromatics Coconut Lime Massage Oil
The Keyono Aromatics' Coconut Lime Massage Oil is great for use in the bath and as a component of our Coconut Lime Spa Treatments. Some ingredients are Grape Seed Oil and Vitamin E

Keyano Aromatics Coconut Lime Butter Cream
$16.50 $10.32
Coconut Lime Butter Cream is great for sun damaged and dry skin.

Keyano Aromatics Cranberry Butter Cream 8 oz.
$16.50 $10.32
With a refreshing clean scent this is the ultimate hydrating treatment for hands, feet and body.

Keyano Aromatics Cranberry Scrub 10 oz.
$16.50 $10.32
The Cranberry Scrub has a refreshing scent and is a creamy, gentle exfoliant - perfect for use in manicure, pedicure and body treatments.

Keyano Aromatics Lavender Butter Cream
$16.50 $10.32
The ultimate hydrating treatment for the hands, feet and body with the calming scent of lavender.