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Nourish My Eyes® Cucumber Eye Pads
$10.00 $8.74
Nourish My Eyes® Refreshing and Soothing Eye Pads Nourish My Eyes® Soothing Eye Pads refresh and soothe tired eyes.

Retinol-X Anti-Aging Eye Lift
The unique Goji Berry Peptide structure smooths, firms and lifts away fine lines and eliminates puffiness.

Fran Wilson Professional Instant Brows
Instantly create perfectly shaped arched or rounded brows.

RefectoCil® Cream Hair Dye - Eyebrow & Eyelash Tint
Both smudge proof and waterproof you will always achieve a beautiful, long-lasting and intensive tinting results with RefrectoCil Cream Hair Dye.

RefectoCil® Oxidant 3% Liquid
$12.00 $11.77
Stabilized, intensive developer can be used without concern around the sensitive eye area and ensures brilliant color results.

RefectoCil® Oxidant 3% Developer Cream
A great alternative to liquid oxidants, this creamy product mixes easily and conveniently.

RefectoCil® Eye Protection Papers
RefectoCil Protection Pads help protect your client's lower lids against staining of the skin with a special impenetrable coating.

RefectoCil® Artist Palette for Eyelash and Eyebrow Tinting
$14.95 $12.95
The Artist Palette makes tint mixing efficient and comfortable and is convenient for both right and left handers.