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Blue Light Acne Removal Pen
This acne removal pen eliminates pimple-causing bacteria, helps heal existing acne and prevent future acne breakouts, and gives painless, easy, non-invasive treatments.

Five Piece Rotary Brush System FS-219
$19.23 - $171.67
This Facial Brush System cleanses, exfoliates, and rejuvenates the epidermis while stimulating circulation.

Galvanic Single Function Machine FS-218C (Set)
$240.00 $199.00
The Galvanic Single Function Machine(FS-218C): uses disincrustation and iontophoresis to help products absorb into the skin.

Ikkona High Frequency Facial Machine
$240.00 $199.00
The High Frequency Machine uses rapidly alternating current called "Tesla Current" to achieve some very beneficial effects including deep penetration of products into the skin.

Vacuum & Spray Facial Machine FS-216C
The Vacuum / Spray Two Function Machine helps to achieve a thorough cleansing of the skins surface.

Aphrodite Eight Function Facial Machine
$1,500.00 $1,099.00
The Aphrodite Eight Function Facil Machine is a Complete Unit.

5-in-1 Facial Cleansing Brush
This multifunctional facial machine is a great cleansing brush that includes attachments for your face and body.

Portable Skin Care High Frequency Machine
Accelerates blood circulation to relieve pain, help heal wounds, relieve acne and other skin irritations, strengthen the skin and promote relaxation.

Portable High Frequency Machine JX-006A
Direct high frequency increases activity in the skin's basal layer. Use this portable tool to refine skin texture and improve the skin's defense against bacteria.

High Frequency Parts High Frequency - Hand Piece 5 PIN plug for 8-in-1 Machine -
This is a replacement part for the High Frequency Single Function machine.

High Frequency Parts
$13.50 - $49.99
Parts for FS-217C High Frequency Facial Machine. Replacement Parts. Choose from Glass Electrodes and Hand Piece.

Replacement Parts.....Brush Handle with 5-pin Cord plug in
This is a replacement part for the Five Piece Brush Set/Single Function machine.