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Pisces Dolphin Stretch
S T R E T C H your way to good health with our new innovative Dolphin Stretch.

Stretch Mate
Product Features Helps ease muscular fatigue in the back.

Stretch Out Strap With New Booklet
The patented Stretch Out® Strap delivers the benefits of PNF stretching without a partner.

Over the Door Traction Set
Entire Over-the-Door Traction Set includes pulleys, traction rope, notched adjustable spreader bar, head halter, S-hook and vinyl water bag with graduated scale

Stretch Out Strap with Poster
This poster provides detailed illustrations of 20 stretches using the Stretch Out Strap, showing exactly where you should feel each stretch.

Stretch Out Strap Package
Includes a Stretch Out® Strap, illustrated guide booklet and updated DVD.

Mobile Neck Traction Unit
$51.99 $24.95
3-tier durable fabric traction device One size fits all.

Fitter International Inc. Slant Board 11 inch
Multi-Slant Board: Regular 11". Adjusts to 3 distinct levels: 26°, 38° and 42°

Stretch Out Strap XL
Extra-Long Stretch Out Strap with Training and Conditioning Poster.

Stretch Out Strap Shoulder Pkg
Stretch Out® Strap Shoulder Girdle Package The exercises presented in this book, Stretch Out® Strap Shoulder Girdle and Arm Work, by Pat Guyton are specific for the shoulder girdle using the Stretch Out® Strap.

OPTP PRO-ROLLER Round - Green Marble
With a firm density and textured surface, this attractive marble roller excels at proprioceptive, balance and stability exercise.

Fitter International Inc. Slant Board 14 inch
Multi-Slant Board: Regular 14". Adjusts to 3 levels: 26°, 38° and 42°