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Pisces Dolphin Stretch
S T R E T C H your way to good health with our new innovative Dolphin Stretch.

Stretch Mate
Product Features Helps ease muscular fatigue in the back.

Mobile Neck Traction Unit
$19.99 $13.49
3-tier durable fabric traction device One size fits all.

Fitter International Inc. Slant Board 11 inch
Multi-Slant Board: Regular 11". Adjusts to 3 distinct levels: 26°, 38° and 42°

OPTP PRO-ROLLER Round - Green Marble
With a firm density and textured surface, this attractive marble roller excels at proprioceptive, balance and stability exercise.

Fitter International Inc. Slant Board 14 inch
Multi-Slant Board: Regular 14". Adjusts to 3 levels: 26°, 38° and 42°

Rock Ankle Exercise Board
The ROCK™ Ankle Exercise Board provides low-cost active and reactive rehabilitation for the lower kinetic chain.

Sanctband™ Resistance Bands sold individually
Pre-cut, 5 foot length resistance bands. Your choice of Light, Medium or Heavy

Thera-Band Stretch Strap
Revolutionary elastic design supports classic static stretches, while encouraging effective dynamic movement.

Abdominal Trainer Mat
A High Density Multi purpose Trainer Mat. Perfect for Abdominal and Back Stretching and Strengthening and for Plank Board applications. 15" x 12" x 3"

OPTP Slant (Pair)
Slant by OPTP is an affordable foam slant for home and clinic use.