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Corfit Back Support Belt
$42.35 $38.11
Our patented proportional fitting system provides taller belts for larger people, shorter belts for petites and children - giving you the support you need no matter what size you are.

Posture Corrector Magnetic Back Support
Help you ease back and shoulder pain through 5 magnets aligned down the center spine and 6 across the lumbar region.

Core Pressure Point Cold Therapy Packs Cold - 6 x 10 inches
$30.34 $25.79
Pressure Point Therapy Packs6" x 10"Item# 547 Relieves headaches, low-back pain and muscle soreness.

Dr. Riter's Real-Ease Neck Support
$34.95 $31.45
The most advanced and comfortable neck support system available in the world today.

Performance Wrap Knee Support
$64.51 $54.84
This knee supportís patented, four-way tensioning system provides a custom fit for a multitude of knee problems including patellar subluxation, degenerative knees, infrapatellar tendonitis (jumperís knee) and mensical pain.

PowerWrap Ankle Brace
$43.03 $36.58
With the PowerWrap Ankle Brace with the exclusive Positive Tensioning System, you get a custom fit every time.

PowerWrap Wrist Brace
$36.88 $31.35
Get a custom fit every time with our exclusive Positive Tensioning System.

Core Neoprene Fits All Ankle Support
$22.11 $18.67
Ideal for sprains, strains and soft-tissue injuries.

Universal Elbow Support
$15.72 $13.36
Wraparound support helps alleviate pain due to tennis elbow, supinator muscle strain and tendonitis.

Cranio Cradle
Relieve stress, neck tension, headaches and more with this easy-to-use, relaxing therapeutic tool.

Body Back Porcupine Peanut Roller
Small enough to take anywhere and fun and easy to use! Makes a great gift too!

Body Sport 3
Black 3" Universal Wrist Wrap that is easily applied using one hand and features a wraparound style to provide warmth and compression.