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Jade GuaSha - Scraping Tool - Heart Shape
Jade Gua Sha Tool Lovely heart shape Genuine jade stone Smooth touch, but hard core Size: 3.

GuaSha Scraping Tool - Natural - Horn Style
$16.95 $14.50
Gua Sha (Scraping) Tool (Horn Style) all natural material firm, but smooth 5.

GuaSha Buffalo Horn Tool - Solid
$12.95 $8.99
A gua sha tool is the main utensil used in gua sha, and is usually made of buffalo horn or jade.

Ceramic GuaSha Scraping Tool
$10.00 $8.99
This ceramic Gua Sha Scraping Tool is now known in the west for scraping away pain. It is also used in sports medicine for sore muscles.

Traditional Guasha Bian Stone Acupuncture Massage Scraping Tool
When rubbed against the body, Bian Stone can generate infrared radiation, which could produce thermal effects, therefore effectively improve microcirculation and promote blood circulation.

Traditional Chinese Si Bin Bian Stone Guasha Kit 6 pc
$69.95 $54.36
It is said that when rubbed against the body that Bian Stones give out ultrasonic impulses...

Natural Rose Quartz Guasha Scraping Tool - Large
$14.95 $12.95
Fine quality Rose Quartz Guasha scraping tool. These are large and beautiful. Size 4.25" L x 2 3/8 at the widest end. Some may vary slightly.