17 inches long

IASTM - Gua Sha Scraping Tool Stainless Steel
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IASTM - Gua Sha Scraping Tool Stainless Steel IASTM - Gua Sha Scraping Tool Stainless Steel IASTM - Gua Sha Scraping Tool Stainless Steel
IASTM - Gua Sha Scraping Tool Stainless Steel
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Product Information:
Product name:Stainless Steel Gua Sha Massage Tool
Material: Stainless Steel
Color: Silver
Size: 43cm/17in

After treatment with GuaSha scraping massage tool, you will immediately get rid of a variety of physical diseases, such as digestive disorders, headaches, dizziness or chronic pain!

- Made from stainless steel, which is durable and wear resistant,easy to use,easy to clean.
- Improve blood circulation, promote metabolism, and enhance immune function.
- Dredge meridians, disperse blood stasis, enhance skin permeability, and improve visceral function.
- You'll feel comfortable and smooth when holding and using, and it won't hurt your skins.
- Designed specifically for gua sha scraping massage tool, it is the best guasha tool you have.
- Beautiful appearance, perfect gift for family, friends, colleagues or classmates.

About this item
1.Superior Materials - the Long Bar tool instrument is made from 316L medical grade stainless steel and polished to a mirror-like finish. Withstands the rigors of heavy use while remaining corrosion free.
2.Physically Therapy Tools - Our uniquely designed Gua Sha tool removes scar tissue and adhesions under the skin that are preventing muscle movement and blood flow.Reduce recovery time and soreness while helping to heal soft tissue damage.It has a double beveled edge running completely around the tool. Especially suitable for back.
3.Decrease Hand and Wrist Strain - Whether you are providing relief as a practicing professional or working over your own muscles, hands on therapy can wreak havoc on your hands and wrists. Our Skin Scraping Tool is comfortable to hold and maintaining presser without having to push harder. The beveled edges allow you to use the tool in both directions without having to change hand positions.
4.Smooth Beveled Edges - Comfortable to hold and strong enough to maintain pressure. Use the tools in both directions without having to push hard or change hand positions. The tool helps you perform at your best by proving a solid grip and enough weight so you don't have to suffer from using your hands and thumbs on your clients.