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Flowery Pedicure Kit - D-Kits
Disposable Service Kits Available for natural nails or pedicures.

Flowery D-Files Disposable Foot File System
$14.40 $11.99
Swedish Clover handle with interchangeable, disposable abrasive pads smooths away calluses and softens rough spots.

Foot File - Red
Use all four surfaces to gently smooth rough spots while softening dry skin.

Hands & Feet™ Pumice Sponge
$4.00 $3.75
A unique shaped pumice sponge that smoothes away hard skin on elbows, feet and toes, and cleans hands.

Stone Cuticle Remover
This #240 grit Stone Cuticle Remover shines and finishes tips and under the nail.

Trim Ultra Fine Nail File
Acrylic file is durable and long lasting, smoothes and finishes nails, includes storage case, for natural or acrylic nails, and is excellent for shaping and finishing nails.

Callus Remover
Safely and effectively remove calluses with this affordable tool! Available in square or rounded corners.

Gradient Color Crystal Nail Files
These nail files and buffers are great for manicures. They are doubled sided and each one comes with its own plastic sleeve

Pedicure Corn Cutter / Planer with Foot File and Blades
Perfect for removing/cutting Callouses, Corns, Hard Skin, and Cuticles

Credo Refill Blades for Corn Cutter - 10 blades
$7.25 $4.49
Credo Replacement Blades 10 blades for Credo Corn Cutter and Planer.