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Custom Craftworks 9
$109.00 $105.00
This popular face rest tilts and elevates above the surface of the table.

Custom Craftworks Pivot Posi-Tilt Face Rest with Crescent Pad

Living Earth Crafts Caress Face Rest Adapter for units prior to 2001
The Caress Adapter Face Cradle features a wider dowel spacing.

Oakworks Quicklock Face Rest with Boiance Crescent
$150.00 $147.77
QuickLock Face Rest Platform The QuickLock adjustable Face Rest features virtually unlimited positioning through fast, simple adjustments.

Living Earth Crafts Caress Face Cradle Platform Frame & Strata Cushion
Cloud-comfort cushioning has been combined with the signature Strata Memory Foam™ system, to increase client comfort and support the demands of daily spa use.

Living Earth Crafts Deluxe Adjustable Face Rest Platform & Cushion
The deluxe face rest will adjust to a variety of angles to suit individual client needs. Comes with Cloud Comfort cushion.