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Touch America Original Deluxe FaceSpace Frame Only - 7 1/4 In. Spacing
Our Original Deluxe FaceSpace adjusts for height and tilt, and locks into position with a single lever. its black, heavy-duty plastic frame has 5/16" metal rods.

Stronglite Vintage Double Action Face Rest Platform -11 in. Spacing
This Vintage Double Action Face Rest Platform locks, unlocks and adjusts to any position, including up and down in a vertical plane (range of 2-1/2), and tilts to any angle.

Living Earth Crafts Deluxe Adjustable Face Rest - Frame Only - 8
Deluxe Adjustable Face Rest Platform adjusts to any desired angle.

Oakworks Quicklock Face Rest Platform
$75.00 $72.27
The QuickLock™ adjustable Face Rest Platform adjusts quickly and simply to virtually any position.

Living Earth Crafts Flex-Rest Face Cradle Frame Only 8
$99.00 $92.00
Flex-Rest Face cradle Frame. The hole spacing is a distance apart of 8 inches from center of left hole to center of right hole. The frame is black only.

Living Earth Crafts Caress Face Cradle Platform Only (8 in spacing)
$99.00 $92.00
The revolutionary Caress™ self-adjusting face cradle conforms to the unique face shape and contours of each of your clients.

Portable Massage Chair Replacement Face Rest Cradle Frame
$39.99 $32.50
Replacement Face Cradle with single post for a Portable Massage Chair. 3 month warranty

Oakworks Adjustable Face Rest Platform Only 8 in spacing
Height and angle adjustable platform with 8 inch center line measurement. Purchase face cushion separately.

Custom Craftworks Dual Action Face Cradle - Base Only 9
$90.00 $89.45
9" Spacing from center of left hole to center of right hole. This frame will elevate and tilt giving every possible adjustment for maximum accessibility.

Contour FaceSpace - Frame Only 9.5
This face cradle fits most older Golden Ratio Tables and newer Touch America tables.

Adjustable Face Rest -Base Only 8
$49.99 $39.99
This face rest tilts to any angle and adjusts vertically without extending away from the table, which makes it a great massage table accessory