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Depileve Needle Nose Tweezers
Surgical stainless steal tweezer with diamond polished tip. These tweezers are the tweezers that actually work and is preferred by professionals for that wider grip.

Ultra Fine Tip Tweezers
Ultra Fine Tip Tweezers. Super pointy tweezers can isolate individual hairs easily. Made in Pakistan of pure Stainless Steel.

Eyebrow Tweezer Straight Flat Tip
When needing to grip more than one eyebrow hairs at a time, this Tweezer is for you. Made in Pakistan of pure Stainless Steel, this quality Tweezer will get the job done.

Slanted Eyebrow Tweezers
Versatile tweezer can pull one hair or a few hairs. Use the pointed end to isolate one hair or the flat part to gather a group. Stainless Steel construction and is crafted in Pakistan.