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Natural Bristle Contour Body Brush
This is a natural bristle contour body brush. It has been ergonomically designed for superior massage leverage while bathing. Use it to exfoliate the skin and stimulate circulation.

Oval Shaped Loofah Terry Pad
This Loofah Body Sponge has natural loofah on one side and terry on the other.

SA-B4 Natural Bristle Brush, with handle
Dry brushing is said to reduce cellulite, eliminate dry skin and boost circulation. You can easily dry brush any area of your body at home. All you need is the body brush.

SA-B6 Natural Bristle Contour Body Brush.
Natural Bristle Brush helps to give your skin a nice soft feel. The contoured handle is Ergonomically designed for superior massage leverage while bathing.

Loofa Bath and Shower Sponge with Rope
$3.67 $2.99
The natural Loofa sponge can stimulate your skin's blood circulation, exfoliate your skin, and give you a feeling of relaxation.