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Intrinsics Non Woven Waxing Roll -100 yds. / roll
$27.84 $26.77
This is a non-woven, soft waxing roll that works with any type of depilatory system.

Depileve Natural Muslin Facial Strips
This is a 100-piece box of 1 x 3 ins facial strips, 100% natural muslin.

Depileve Natural Muslin Roll
Natural Muslin Roll

Depileve Natural Muslin Body Strips
Strong, non-shredding, pre-cut muslin strips that are perfect to use with all depilatory systems.

Depileve Non-woven Body Strips
This is a pkg. of 100 pieces of pre-cut high quality non-woven strips that adhere perfectly and do not delaminate. You will need only 2 to 4 strips to do a full leg waxing. Wax does not seep through this non-woven material.

Depileve Non-woven Facial Strips
This is a box of 100 pieces of satinated, non-woven pre-cut for small body area application.

Depileve Non-woven Roll
This is a 3 in. x 50 yd. roll of the non-woven material. Specifically made to remove wax without delamination, this wax does not seep through this non-woven material.