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Depileve Natural Muslin Body Strips
Strong, non-shredding, pre-cut muslin strips that are perfect to use with all depilatory systems.

Depileve Non-woven Body Strips
This is a pkg. of 100 pieces of pre-cut high quality non-woven strips that adhere perfectly and do not delaminate. You will need only 2 to 4 strips to do a full leg waxing. Wax does not seep through this non-woven material.

Depileve Non-woven Facial Strips
This is a box of 100 pieces of satinated, non-woven pre-cut for small body area application.

Depileve Non-woven Roll
This is a 3 in. x 50 yd. roll of the non-woven material. Specifically made to remove wax without delamination, this wax does not seep through this non-woven material.

Depileve Extra Film Stripless Wax Kit
The new waxing system for all body areas - with no strips! Again, a new technology in waxing.

Depileve Hair Removal Professional Kit
Professional Kit Includes: Deluxe Warmer, 14 oz. Lavender Rosin, 50 Facial Strips, 50 Body Strips, 1 Can Holder, 7 oz. Prebase, 7 oz. Milk Cleanser, 7 oz. Soothing Cream, 8.8 oz. Citri Clean, and more.

Depileve Intro Kit
The ideal kit for those looking to start a waxing business at a nominal cost.

Pre Waxed Strips for Sharpely Eyebrows
All-natural and botanically based press-on and pull-off pre-waxed strips for shapely eyebrows.

Moujan Cold and Hot Wax Kit
$9.95 - $15.95
Remove unwanted hair with Moujan Cold Wax, which is made from natural ingredients, no unpleasant odors or chemicals & completely hypo-allergenic.

Depileve Deluxe Wax Warmer 14 oz.
$79.99 $69.77
This thermostat controlled warmer features adjustable heat setting, separate on/off switch, break resistant plastic lid.

Depileve Black Plated Wax Warmer Insert
Allows you to use the wax warmers for dual use, rosin strip waxing and European hard waxes. 14 and 28 ounce sizes.

Depileve Intro Wax Warmer
$49.00 $46.77
The Intro warmer is a thermostat controlled warmer which features adjustable heat settings, a low profile design, and a break resistant plastic lid.