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Organic Bath & Body Massage Lotion
$5.91 - $35.69
Our Organic Masssage and Body Lotion is a combination of natural seed oils, that are rich in essential fatty acids, botanical extracts, Organic Shea butter and Hemp Seed Oil.

Organic Bath & Body Deep Tissue Massage Lotion
$5.91 - $28.86
Our Deep Tissue Massage and Body Lotion is a combination of Certified Organic and natural seed oils, that are rich in essential fatty acids and botanical extracts.

Sacred Earth Vegan Massage Lotion Unscented
$8.08 - $226.06
Sacred Earth Botanicals' unscented massage lotion is light and provides excellent absorption while retaining great glide and workability.

Sacred Earth Warming Massage Lotion
$14.95 - $64.95
Sacred Earth Botanicals warming massage lotion uses organic cinnamon oil and organic menthol crystals to create a gentle heating sensation

Soothing Touch Basics Unscented Massage Lotion - 1 Gallon
The water dispersible oils in Soothing Touch Basics massage lotion lubricate, moisturize and repair the skin, providing antioxidants and nutrients.

Soothing Touch Herbal Lavender Massage Lotion
$6.79 - $33.99
Developed specifically for professional therapists, Soothing Touch Lavender Herbal Massage Lotion gives you the absorbency you need without sacrificing the smooth, workable texture of a world-class cream.

Soothing Touch Jojoba Unscented Massage Lotion
$6.79 - $33.99
Soothing Touch Jojoba Herbal Massage Lotion provides the very best in skin nutrition without the scent.

Nature's Sunshine Tei Fu Massage Lotion - 4 oz.
Benefits: Massaging application may promote muscle relaxation.

TheraPro Swedish Massage Lotion
$5.29 - $28.89
TheraPro Swedish Massage Lotion provides a smooth glide and lasting workability, without the residue associated with most oils.

TheraPro Deep Tissue Massage Lotion
$15.79 - $99.95
TheraPro Deep Tissue Massage Lotion is a perfectly balanced product that offers the massage therapists glide with enough friction for Deep Tissue massage.

Biotone Polar Lotion
$9.00 - $36.25
Made with 6% menthol for deep-cooling, fast-acting pain relief. Great for chiropractic, sports massage and physical therapy.

Bon Vital Coconut Massage Oil
$12.99 - $334.95
One of the most popular professional massage therapy products on the market. Light, non-greasy, colorless, moisturizing, completely unscented & non-staining