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Intrinsics Organic Cotton Balls - 100 Pieces
$3.05 $2.77
Organic Cotton Balls 100% Organic Cotton Triple-sized cotton balls in a 100 ct.

Spa Essentials Cotton Rounds
Made of soft, absorbent 100% medical grade cotton, Spa Essentials® 2.

Amber Products Dukal Oval Eye Pads - Pack of 50
Convenient, versatile and easy to useeye pads - Sterile in unopened individually wrapped packages.

Intrinsics Cotton-Filled Gauze - 2 x 2 inches
$3.58 $2.90
Abrasive gauze surface encasing a 100% cotton filling is the ideal polish remover. Use it to remove product and exfoliate skin during facials.

Intrinsics Petite Silken Wipes 2x2 - 200 Pieces
This medical-grade wipe provides a high degree of absorbency in a lint-free nonwoven design.

Intrinsics Large Silken Wipe 4 x 4
$10.06 - $89.90
Use during facials, and any skin care services. Only slightly absorbent, making this ideal for applying product to the skin. It's also non-linting.

Intrinsics Cotton Naturelles - 80 count
$2.36 $1.85
These 100% cotton 2-inch rounds feature a quilt-like surface that resists shredding.

Intrinsics Large Cotton Rounds - Pack of 50
$3.10 $2.47
These large 3-inch rounds are made from pure 100% cotton, and can be used wet or dry.

Intrinsics Nail Tech's Choice Gauze - 200 Pieces
$3.58 $2.89
Its gauze surface is highly abrasive while the cotton filling provides exceptional absorbency.

Intrinsics Cotton Tipped Swabs - 500 Pieces
$4.57 $4.47
These 3" double-tipped swabs are ideal for cosmetic purposes. They feature soft, flexible handles.

Intrinsics Cotton Tipped Applicators Wood Stick - 1000 Pieces
$14.40 $11.47
The 6" wooden handles feature single-ended, medical-grade 100% cotton tips that are highly absorbent.

Intrinsics Glycolic Applicators - Box of 100
$12.09 $9.80
Intrinsics' Glycolic Applicators are ideal for use during glycolic treatments.