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Modern Hydrotherapy for the Massage Therapist by Marybetts Sinclair
This text offers a modern approach to hydrotherapy— the use of water, ice, steam, and hot and cold temperatures to improve or maintain health— as performed by massage therapists.

Spa Bodywork: A Guide for Massage Therapists by Anne Williams BFA
Featuring new treatments, new photos, new technique video clips, and an expanded set of online tools, the Second Edition helps you develop the skills you need to gain a competitive advantage when seeking work in the spa industry or adding spa treatme...

Sacred Stone Swedhana-Garshan Ayurvedic Exfol, Detox, Steam Manual
Learn how to do a dry skin exfoliation using hand-sewn silk gloves and steam therapy. This ancient sequence can help alkalize the blood, remove pain and detoxify the liver. A light sweat is induced, coaxing toxins to leave the body through the pores ...