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Trigger Point Chart Set Torso and Extremeties
$20.90 - $34.95
This set of 2 charts - (1)Trigger Points: Torso and (2)Trigger Points: Extremities -clearly labels the specific muscles that are affected by trigger points.

Understanding Carpel Tunnel Syndrome
Explains Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) with easy to understand text and beautiful labeled illustrations.

Understanding Osteoporosis
New Updated Design! Defines and shows the effects of osteoporosis including bone density loss, progressive spinal deformity, and fractures in the hip, wrist and lower spine.

Vascular System and Viscera
$11.95 - $119.99
Shows a complete view of the organs, veins and arteries that make up the vascular system.

Vertebral Column
$11.95 - $119.99
One of our most popular charts! Shows right lateral view of the vertebral column with markings to show location of atlas & axis, cervical, thoracic & lumbar vertebrae, and sacrum and coccyx.

LWW Travell & Simons Trigger Point & Pain Patterns Wall Charts I & II
Made for easy reference for therapists making trigger point identification easy! Another feature is the ability to show patients' what referred pain is and why.

Hand Reflexology & Hand Reading Wall Chart
$29.00 $19.99
This chart will show you the thumb and finger pressure points (reflexes) on the hands which help to relax and balance the body's systems. It also shows the mapping to read the visual and textural and gripping patterns (markers) of the hands that rela...

Exploring the Heart CD-ROM: A 3D of Anatomy and Pathology
$63.00 $59.85
We have partnered with one of the most innovative companies currently working in the field of 3D graphics and medical imaging to create this new CD-ROM.

My First Skeleton - Tiny Tim
Our most popular miniature skeleton offers a unique hands-on learning experience for young scientists and curious kids who want to learn the locations and shapes of the bones of the body.