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Oakworks High Lo PT 150
$1,738.00 $1,621.00
The Oakworks PT150 Hi-Lo table optimizes both patient comfort and practitioner ergonomics.

Oakworks PT 400M
$3,578.00 $3,041.00
The Oakworks PT400M Hi-Lo table is designed to optimize both patient comfort and practitioner ergonomics.

MedSurface 3-Section Hi-Lo Table
$2,095.00 $1,890.00
Flexible, functional electric treatment table with three sections.

MedSurface 2 Section Hi-Lo Bo-Bath Table
$2,445.00 $2,190.00
Bo-Bath electric powered 2-section hi-lo treatment table

MedSurface 7-Section Hi-Lo Table
$2,367.00 $2,130.00
Functional and flexible electric treatment table with 7 sections.

MedSurface 5-Section Hi-Lo Table
$2,211.00 $1,999.00
A flexible, functional treatment table with 5 sections.

MedSurface Traction Hi-Lo Table with Stool
$2,445.00 $2,190.00
Functional, flexible hi-lo electric traction table with stool.

Oakworks Portable Manipulation Table
$485.00 $459.77
The new Oakworks Portable Manipulation Massage Table offers an ideal platform for performing thrust and non-thrust manipulation. It's also lightweight.

Oakworks Storable Mat Table
$682.00 $637.70
This lower height range mat table, massage table gives you a firm padding and increased stability. Also a portable massage table