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Touch America Contour FaceSpace w/Neptune Pillow - water resistant
The Contour FaceSpace adjusts for height and tilt, and locks into position with a single lever. Fits current TouchAmerica and most older Golden Ratio tables

Chattanooga Pron Pillo- Prone (Face Down) Pillow
This pillow elevates the head and shoulders of the client for added comfort. The raised base allows patients in prone position to breathe easier, adding more comfort

Touch America Wet Drape for Face Pillow
This wet drape protects the face pillow during spa treatments. It is made of water-resistant vinyl with nylon woven scrim insert.

Touch America Wet Spa Bolster - water resistant cover
This bolster is water-resistant for wet treatments. You may cover with a wet sheet for increased waterproofing.

Living Earth Crafts Napa Le Mer REPLACEMENT PAD w/ Marine Grade Foam & Aqua Vinyl Cover
$425.00 $419.99
Marine Grade Foam and Fitted Aqua Vinyl Cover - comfortable, easy to clean and easy to replace.