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Smooth Table Paper - White 21 in. x 225 ft.
$16.50 - $38.99
This table paper is designed to be used on the treatment table to protect the bed while using wax or other spa products.

Crepe Table Paper- White 21 in. x 125 ft.
$15.00 - $29.99
Crepe Exam Table Rolls are textured for added strength, softness and quietness. Light weight paper with recycled fibers

Blue Drape Sheets - 40
Disposable drape sheets for use on exam and massage tables and other furniture.

Stretcher Sheets 40 in x 72 in, BOX/50
These 40"x 72" stretcher sheets are 2 ply and made with tissue on one side and polyester on the other side. Color Blue.

Graham Breast Drape 3-Ply
Keep your patients relaxed and comfortable with our soft Tissue Breast Drape.

Graham Breast Drape 2-ply
2-ply breast drape that will keep your patients relaxed and comfortable. Our soft Tissue Breast Drape is 24" x 40" and comes in a case of 200

Disposable Fitted Table Cover 10 pack
$18.99 $12.99
Disposable Fitted Table Covers come in packs of 10

Disposable Waterproof Fitted Table Cover 10 Pack
$19.99 $13.95
Ads a waterproof protection barrier between your client and table. Made from a Polypropylene nonwoven fabric coated with a Polyethylene waterproofing lining on both sides.

Waterproof Plastic Massage Table Cover - Fitted
Protects your table from moisture and grime.

Anesi Plastic Body Wrap Sheets pk 30
Pack of 30 disposable plastic sheets which sufficiently cover any client.

Tidi Choice Draping Sheets - case/100 pieces
$28.45 - $62.60
These 2 and 3 Ply and tissue/poly/tissue drape sheets provide patient comfort and coverage while offering hygienic protection. 1 case = 100 pieces.