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Earthlite FacePillow Only (No Platform)
Crescent cushions fits Earthlite's Deluxe and Standard Crescent headrest frames.

Stronglite Cloud Comfort Crescent Face Pad
$69.00 $56.49
Stronglite’s Cloud Comfort Memory Foam Face Rest Pad will make your clients feel like their face is cradled in a cloud!

KUR Foam Face Rest Pad with cover
The most comfortable face rest on the planet! The Kür Face Rest Cushion is a state of the art, pressure- and temperature-sensitive visco-elastic foam that conforms to each person’s unique facial features.

Golden Ratio FaceSpace Pillow Only
The FaceSpace Cushion is comfortable and versatile. It fits easily with Velcro fasteners to your Golden Ratio face rest base.

Oakworks Boiance Float
$69.00 $67.77
Near frictionless movement in all directions Works with most face rests

Earthlite LEC Strata FacePillow Replacement Gel Packs (2)
The innovative Keyhole Cool Gel Face Rest Crescent works with your cresent pad and platform to create an immediate soothing sensation for your clients.