Cellulite Massage
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Cellulite Massage Cellulite Massage Cellulite Massage

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Get long lasting results with the best cellulite treatment training video. Learn the steps and strokes of this intensive work to promote dimensional inch loss, smooth out dimpled skin caused by cellulite, and flush toxins stored in fat cells. Susan Brown shows you the cellulite treatment techniques that have yielded an average of 6 to 12 inches lost from the abdomen to the thighs for her clients, over the course of a 6-week program regimen. Before and after photos and documented inch loss verify her results. In this comprehensive cellulite treatment instructional video, Brown goes step by step through a complete cellulite massage session, demonstrating the strokes, pressure, depth, and direction. She also goes over the benefits and contraindications, initial client assessment, client forms (agreement form, medical history form, and client tracking sheet), pricing, setting realistic client goals and expectations, measuring and tracking client progress, and follow-up recommendations for your clients to help maintain the results. Since cellulite plagues most women, regardless of age or weight, this is a great treatment to offer.

1 Hr. 13 Mins.
  • Mfr SKU: M50D