Yoga Therapy for Back Pain

Yoga Therapy For Back Pain
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Yoga Therapy for Back Pain includes 13 routines to help restore proper function to the entire back. These safe and gentle exercises increase mobility and reduce pain.

This beautifully filmed DVD features five 15 minute & five 30 minute routines for the upper back, sciatic pain, bulging disk and sacro-iliac joint pain. Each condition is addressed separately, so you will get the proper care for your condition. There is also a general back maintenance routine in three time options, (17, 32, & 44 min.) as well as a 20 min. Chair Yoga routine and a short Guided Meditation for relaxation. Whatever the level of your pain, or if you just want to strengthen your back, this DVD has the safe and appropriate therapy for you!

If you are not sure exactly what type of back pain you have, this DVD
also explains the different types so you can have a better understanding of your pain.

Filmed in Santa Barbara, California in high definition, with over 4 hours of sequences. Widescreen.

Emily Kligerman brings almost two decades of experience to her teaching. She has worked closely with Sports Medicine Specialists, Physical Therapists, and Chiropractors to develop these safe and effective therapeutic Yoga sequences. Her work has been featured in LA Yoga Magazine.

"The Yoga Therapy routines are ideal for those who suffer from back pain. The multi-chapter video allows the person to choose the routine that is right for their condition. Emily Kligerman has mastered the balance of relaxation and restorative movements that promote healing and continued wellness." Charles R. Bissell, D. C., C. C. S. P.
Chiropractic Sports Physician