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NMT T- Bars with optional Training Video
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All of our NMT bars are crafted from the finest birch wood and made and assembled here in the USA. New possibilities in injury rehab and trigger point therapy abound with Neuromuscular Solutions NMT bars. Our NMT bars will help you achieve greater depth, eliminate chronic pain, and save your hands in the process.

(1) Standard Flat:
Possibly the most commonly used of the set, the standard flat NMT-bar is also the most versatile. With applications ranging from breaking up adhesions in the infraspinatus to releasing trigger points in the rhomboids, this tool could become a major part of every massage session.

(2) Standard Round:
With its rounded head, this NMT-bar is great for working around bony protuberances. Your sub-occipital work will never be the same once you've worked with the standard round NMT-bar.

(3) Small Round:
What is so unique about the small round NMT-bar is that it's ability to target a much more specific point and access small places that our fingers simply cannot palpate. Just imagine if you were able to do your deepest work with the tip of your pinky…now you can.

(4) Small Pointed:
The small pointed NMT-bar is reccomended for advanced work only. With proper training this tool becomes an asset to any practice with applications in inter-carpal and inter-tarsal work.

(5) Large Flat:
The large flat NMT-bar, in addition to the standard flat and the small round, will become one of your most frequently used of the set. Because of the larger size tip of this tool, it is widely used in the larger muscle bellies of such areas as the erector spinae, the quadriceps, and the hamstrings.

(6) Large Round:
With its large size and rounded head this tool is great for sustained broad pressure in larger muscle bellies. Deep hip work is now easier than ever with the large round NMT-bar.

NMT-bar Sizing:
Our set of NMT-bars is offered in two sizes for your convenience. We have designed the sizes as S/M and M/L. The difference in size is represented by the length of the shaft of the tools. The base is the same with both sets. We would recommend the S/M for most female therapists and the M/L for most male therapists. However, due to different hand and finger sizes, this may not always be the case. As explained in our video, the base of the tool should rest comfortably in the palm of your hand with the shaft extending down the length of your finger (either the middle or index finger); therefore, the sizing really depends more on the length of the fingers than anything else. If you are a woman with long fingers, you can order the M/L set and , conversely, if you are a man with shorter fingers, we would suggest the S/M.