Trainer Mat for Abs

Therapist’s Choice® Abdominal Trainer Mat 2000 with Massaging Spikes
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Therapist’s Choice® Abdominal Trainer Mat 2000 with Massaging Spikes

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Therapist’s Choice® Abdominal Trainer Mat 2000 w/ Massaging Spikes for Full Range of Motion Ab Workouts & Back Stretcher! 

Our mat provides stability, constant tension, and a full range of motion which regular crunches do not provide ensuring that you are able to get a full extension when doing sit-ups or crunches, working out the full range of your abdominal while having constant back support without putting too much stress on your back; Great for crossfit core training. 

Back Stretcher:
WARNING: Consult your healthcare practitioner to confirm this product is suitable for your back condition prior to use

The Mat's curved shape mimics the curved shape of our spine giving an effective stretch. Used for chronic back pain, sciatic pain, stress, & restless nights. Just use 10 minutes daily or as recommended by your healthcare practitioner. 

Massaging Spikes:
The Massaging Spikes are perfect for massaging tired feet, legs and other muscle groups 

Size: 12.5"x 11.5"x 4.3" 

CAUTION: Always check equipment for worn or damaged parts before each use. Do not use if damaged.
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