Tai Chi: Wu Hao
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Tai Chi: Wu Hao Tai Chi: Wu Hao

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Explore the secrets of Wu-Hao Tai Chi in this comprehensive video! One of the five major family styles of Tai Chi and the least known. It has a compact smaller frame for advanced Chi development, healing and energy. This comprehensive DVD covers a variety of techniques and sequences, including the 49 form, the 96 form, a variety of Chi practices to refine your Tai Chi, Lan Zha Yi (the mother form), as well as alignment and energy principles. Chao gives a detailed explanation for many of the techniques, and each move is shown clearly for you to follow along and to learn from.

Chao Pang has over 30 years of experience with martial arts. His joyful and concise teaching style blends the best of east and west for the novice, and adds depth to an advanced practitioner. He also has produced one other DVD titled "Tai Chi?Stillness Through Motion" focusing on the fundamental physical aspect of Tai Chi.