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Natural Codacia Lava Shells -Medium - Set of 4 Shells
These 100% authentic shells are personally matched by size, sanded and polished to reveal their natural luster. When filled with Lava Gel®, the shells heat up to 45-minutes.

Cowrie Lava Shells
$48.00 - $432.00
These natural Cowrie Shells are a versatile tool that is perfect with trigger point, reflexology (hands and feet) and spot therapy (neck, head).

Natural Lava Shells - Mixed Case Codacia & Cowrie
This mixed case of 100% natural Cowrie shells and Codacia clam shells enables you to provide a wide variety of services to your clients using natural tools. 2 of each shell type.

Glacial Shell Charges - Chill Blend
$73.47 - $682.56
Use the Glacial Shell as an enhancement to any facial treatment using one of three activation methods to achieve different levels of cold therapy.

Amber Hot Stone Oil
$4.77 - $7.95
The Amber's Stone Oils provide a proper slip and glide for an effective hot stone massage. The oil is also made to be put directly onto the client's skin.