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Basalt Facial Stones
These smooth basalt stones stones are perfect for working the small, delicate contours of the face while maintaining a great sense of control during the treatment. Bag of ten stones.

CoreStones® Massage Therapy Stones - Set of 7 Stones
$160.00 $143.00
CoreStones unique shape allows therapists to work longer with less effort and strain. 7 CoreStones for use in reflexology, trigger point therapy, and myofascial release.

Spa Revolutions Lava Shell Charges - Level 1
$73.47 - $682.56
Level 1 is the perfect mineral blend for any heat therapy enhancement massage.

Spa Revolutions Lava Shell Charges - Level 2
$73.47 - $682.56
Level Two heat is a higher, more intense level of heat - the most popular blend when incorporating the fusion of heated tools and hand protocols in a full body massage.

Spa Revolutions Lava Shell Charges - Level 3
$73.47 - $682.56
Level Three heat is the highest, most intense level of heat in the Lava Shell collection for use by the most skilled professional therapists.

Spa Revolutions Porcelain Lava Shell® Replacement Caps
Rubber cap specifically designed for the Porcelain Lava Shell® opening. Inside cap is molded with the words “Powered by Lava Gel.” Not be used on Natural Lava Shells® .

PerfectSense® Parrafin Treatment Extenders
Hand Overmitts and Feet Overbooties extend the PerfectSense® Paraffin treatment for up to 30 minutes.

Natural Codacia Lava Shell® Replacement Cap (Pack of 4)
Rubber cap specifically designed for the Natural Codacia Lava Shell® opening.

Spa Revolutions Cowrie Lava Shell Charges
$73.47 - $682.56
Choose between Facial Blend and Trigger Point charges for your Cowrie Lava Shells. Each charge heats your Lava Shells® naturally and without additional equipment.

Porcelain Codacia Hot Lava Shells - Set of 4
These Porcelain Codacia (Tiger Striped Clam) Lava Shells are beautiful, handcrafted shells. When filled with Lava Gel®, the artisan shells heat up to 45-minutes.

Porcelain Cold Glacial Shells - Case of 2 **** ON CLEARANCE ****
$66.00 $38.77
Glacial Shells are replacing cold stone massage. When filled with Glacial Gel™ and placed in the freezer for a minimum of 2 hours, Glacial Shells™ will stay cold for up to 45 minutes.