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Body Wrap Cloth
Each roll measures 6" x 5 yds strecthed (6" x 1.5 unstretched) Features nylon velcro type fastening strips

Thermal Mylar Blanket for Body Wraps
Pound for pound warmer than wool, this amazingly tough laminate of fiber scrim and aluminized plastic reflects back up to 80% of body heat. A sturdy Mylar thermal blanket to retain heat during any body treatment. Dimensions - 5' x 7' Available in B...

Skin Scanner Skin Inspection Unit
The FS-112TF Skin Scanner Inspection Unit uses black light and magnification to illuminate the skins imperfections and dryness in client's skin.

Paragon UV Sanitizer Cabinet - S20
This UV light kills more germs than soap and water. It helps prevent the spread of bacteria and infection. Fits most spa and nail implements.

$284.00 $229.00
An Extra Large UV Sterilizer For Sanitizing Equipment and Tools. Features UV Light and 2 shelves.

UV Sterilizer Germicidal Cabinet - Mini 209
OUT OF STOCK - ETA APRIL 30TH The germicidal cabinet keeps your sterilized implements and tools germ-free and close to your work area. Provides a clean, germ-free environment.

UV Sterilizer Cabinet - T-209
OUT OF STOCK - ETA APRIL 30TH Germicidal Cabinet, provides a clean, germ-free environment for storage of implements and tools etc.

PARTS Replacement BULB for UV Sterilizer Germicidal Cabinet T-209
Bulb for Sterilizer Germicidal Cabinet T-209

PARTS Replacement STARTER for UV Sterilizer Germicidal Cabinets
Starter Replacement for Mini 209 and T-209 UV Germicidal Sterilizer Cabinets

Single Wax Warming Machine
Professional Wax Warmer - 110 volts. The Professional Wax Warming Machine has a quick heat-up time and maintains a constant temperature.