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FS-8in1 GJ Steamer Glass Jar Replacement 5 in dia. x 4.5 tall
Please measure your glass jar before you order. Sometimes the model number of the facial steamer is the same or the jar may look like the one pictured, but the size of the glass jar may different.

Replacement Steamer Glass Jar 5 in x 5.25 in
Replacement Steamer Glass Jar 5" Please measure your glass jar before you order.

Facial Steamer 5 in. Glass Jar FLAT Silicone Rubber Replacement Gasket
A silicone gasket for the Glass Jar with 5 inch diameter opening.

FITTED U-STYLE Gasket for Facial Steamer 4 in. Glass Jar
Replacement Silicon Gasket: Fits what is considered a 4" Glass Jar (actual jar size is 3.

Facial Steamer 5 in. Glass Jar FITTED U-STYLE Replacement Gasket
Facial steamer silicone replacement gasket, that fits 5" glass jar. Fits 5" Glass Jar. Gaskets Outside diameter: 5 1/8" - Jars Inside diameter: 4 1/2"

Replacement Steamer Glass Jar 4
$44.00 $23.95
Outside Diameter: 3-7/8" Inside Diameter: 3-1/2" Height: 6-3/4"

Dermalogic Double Hot Towel Warmer Cabinet 30
$210.00 $172.32
Holds up to 30-48 towels. Constant temperature approximately 176°F to 185°F. Double Cabinet

Hot Towel Cabinet - HC-X
$150.99 $133.99
The Hot Towel Cabi keeps towels at around 160 degrees for refreshing, hygienic treatments.

Paragon Extra Large Hot Towel Warmer Cabinet
$860.00 $614.28
When you need a lot of hot steamy towels, this hot towel cabinet is for you. Holds 144 facial towels and heats up quickly. Who could ask for anything more?

Paragon Hot Towel Cabi
$340.00 $242.85
The PC-81 Hot Towel Cabi with Sterilizer holds up to 48 (12” X 12”) facial towels.

Hot Towel Cabi- HC-Mini
Mini Hot Towel Cabi Holds up to 24 (12” X 12”) facial towels.

Touch America Small Hot Towel Cabi
Conveniently-sized towel warmers are great for applying moist heated towels to clients for comfort.