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Oakworks Bolster 8 inch Half-Round
$35.00 $34.77
Comfortable, supportive half-round bolster 8" diameter x 26" length

Bolster 8 inch Round
Comfortable, supportive round bolster 8" diameter x 26" length

Living Earth Crafts Fluffy Bolster
Fluffy Bolster is stuffed with ultra-soft Dacron®

Chest Comfort Pillows
$44.95 $29.90
The Chest Comfort Pillows position women so they experience no pressure on their breasts or lower backs when lying prone on a massage table.

Earthlite Bolster Holder
The bolster holder provides convenient and discrete access to your bolster.

Oakworks Bolster 8 inch Round Air
$40.00 $34.00
Customize the size of this 8" round air bolster by using the patented twin air chambers.

Oakworks Bolster 8 inch Round Fluffy
$37.00 $36.77
The 8" Fluffy Bolster is incredibly soft and provides the superior support in cradling support for the hips, knees and ankles.

Oakworks Bolster 8 inch round
$39.00 $38.77
This supportive cushion is one of the building blocks for successful positioning.

Oakworks Rectangular Bolster
$50.00 $48.77
Rectangular bolster specifically designed to support a patient's leg when in a side lying position

Oakworks Bolster 8 inch Semi-Round
$37.00 $35.77
Comfortable, supportive semi-round bolster 8" diameter x 26" length

Spire Bolster
This pillow’s unique spire shape fits comfortably under your client’s knees to increase their comfort when in a face-up position.

9in x 25in Full Round
Great Price, Easy-to-Clean. This is a large height bolster, which would be suited for under knees. Place it under the knees, ankles or lower abdomen to relieve tension.