Continuum Maestro Opus Pedicure Spa
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Continuum Maestro Opus Pedicure Spa Continuum Maestro Opus Pedicure Spa Continuum Maestro Opus Pedicure Spa
Continuum Maestro Opus Pedicure Spa Continuum Maestro Opus Pedicure Spa Continuum Maestro Opus Pedicure Spa
Continuum Maestro Opus Pedicure Spa
  • SKU: 8998
  • Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 weeks (Drop Ship)
  • Brand: Continuum
  • Product Dimensions: 69.8 x 36.5 x 44.5 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 380 Lbs
  • Shipping Dimensions: 74 x 38 x 61 inches
  • Mfr SKU: F111-10
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Upholstery Color: *
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Impeccable design, expert engineering and handcraftsmanship have made the Maestro an industry leader.  The Maestro is found in the most exclusive salons, resorts and spas worldwide, from Las Vegas to Dubai.

Forget everything you know about pedicure spas. From a stunning original design to a new standard in quality and performance, The Maestro Pedicure Spa rewrites all the rules. Curved cherry wood accents, a handcrafted basin, and premium components add durability and value. Unlike plastic 'look alike' footspas, The Maestro Pedicure Spa promises an alternative experience guaranteed to satisfy the most discriminating clientele. Set yourself apart with the new standard, choose The Maestro with confidence.


  • Design - One word says it all, "WOW"
  • Pivoting leg support - Total leg support, not just foot support
  • Leading technology - Autofill, Dual Seat Controls, NoPipe Jets Quality
  • Solid surface basin - Extremely Durable, 5 year limited warranty
  • No pipe Jet System - Easy cleaned, invigorating
  • Real Cherry Wood Veneers - Distinctive curved design, rich look and feel
  • Designed & built in the USA - Quality components, manufactured locally
  • Comfort

  • Vibrating massage with heat - Calming relaxation, total massage
  • Seat recline & movement - Comfortably positions short & tall clients
  • 180 degree swiveling seat - Safe & Convenient
  • Foot massage rollers - More than just jets
  • Lumbar support & adjustable headrest - Sit back & relax
  • Standard Base Colors:  Choose Cafelle or Genuine Cherry

    Standard Upholstery Colors: Choose Baha Brown, Black, Chiffon or Fossil

    Optional Discharge Pump (Factory Installed)* - Choose regular capacity for $240.00 or high capacity for $580

    Optional Manicure Trays (set of 2 - includes cup holder) - $250.00

    Optional full side cover panels - $150.00


    Steel Frame Construction

    Maestro Pedicure Spa - Steel Frame

    An American made, welded steel frame provides each Maestro arch with maximum strength to support the entire pedicure spa. Continuum is the only pedicure spa manufacturer to use a steel frame design for extra support (up to 350 lbs.) on the entire base, chair and basin of the spa. Quality and attention to detail on every Continuum pedicure chair separate us from the competition and gives you total peace of mind.





    Pipe-less Jet System w/ AutoFill

    Maestro Pedicure Spa - Pipe-less Jets

    Clients enjoy an invigorating massage from two pipe-less jets. Continuum’s pipe-less system eliminates internal pipes, ensuring a safe and sanitary pedicure. The whisper quiet jets also feature a one-twist removable cover that is exceptionally easy to clean and sanitize. AutoFill conveniently stops filling the basin once the proper water level is reached, providing overflow protection and your peace of mind.





    Pivoting Leg Supports

    Maestro Pedicure Spa - Pivoting Leg Supprts

    Innovation meets functionality. The Maestro Pedicure Spa's dual and independent leg supports pivot upward to support the entire leg, not just the foot. Feet are perfectly positioned for massage and pedicure treatments. Gone is the strenuous task of supporting the client’s leg with one hand while trying to work on the bottom of the foot with the other hand. Comfort for both client and technician are finally achieved.




    Genuine Wood Veneers & Formice Finishes

    Maestro Pedicure Spa - Genuine Wood Veeners

    Beautiful finishes are an integral part on every Maestro Pedicure Spa. Whether it’s Formica, the globally recognized leader in the laminate industry, or genuine wood veneers (shown in photo), the Maestro finishes create a totally unique look. These wear, impact, water and chemical resistant finishes provide the Continuum arch with unmatched quality and durability. Custom finishes available upon request.





    Solid Surface Basin with Foot Rollers

    Maestro Pedicure Spa - Solid Surface Basin

    A defining feature of the Maestro Pedicure Spa is the finest, most durable basin available. Handcrafted from a solid surface material similar to Corian, it is chemical and crack resistant. The 5.5 gallon basin will look brand new year after year and is backed by a five (5) year warranty. This beautiful basin also features contoured footrests and removable foot massage rollers.





    Hand Cut & Sewn Upholstery

    Maestro Pedicure Spa - Hand Cut & Sewn Upholstery

    At first glance, all you will notice is the finest looking seat on any pedicure spa but, it’s much more. After making your upholstery selection, each Maestro seat is handmade in Milwaukee, Wisconsin utilizing the finest Ultra-Leather and decorative stitching. This process ensures consistent color and finish free of most imperfections.





    Dual Seat Controls

    Maestro Pedicure Spa - Dual Seat Controls

    Client and technician can control the four-way seat movement with one touch of a button. As the client relaxes, the technician can adjust the seat to position the feet perfectly for the next part of the pedicure.







    Maestro Pedicure Spa - Design

    “Wow!” One word says it all. Continuum’s flagship pedicure spa continues to set the standard for high-end, luxury pedicure chairs. From the handcrafted solid surface basin to the hand cut and sewn upholstery, the Maestro Pedicure Spa is quite literally “a work of art.” The Maestro is craftsmanship and luxury at its finest.

    • Product Dimensions: 69.8 x 36.5 x 44.5 inches
    • Shipping Weight: 380 Lbs
    • Shipping Dimensions: 74 x 38 x 61 inches
    • Mfr SKU: F111-10