Face Cradle Covers pack of 12

Innerpeace 12 Drape Face Covers - Pack of 12
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100% cotton flannel Drape Face Cradle Covers will keep your face rests make-up and oil free! The cotton flannel Drape Face Cradle Covers are oversized to allow for shrinkage.

 Our Drape Face Cradle Cover is a flat piece of material shaped like a pair of boxer shorts. It is hemmed all the way around and has an extra piece of material sewn in the "split" to prevent ripping in the wash. Our drape covers last and last!

Using our drape cover over our crescent headrest cover prevents slipping, as flannel, sort of sticks to flannel. The drape cover can also be used on the older "3 pad" head rests and is an excellent choice for seated massage when used in conjunction with a crescent. Then you just change the drape after each client, and the crescent when needed or at the end of the day.

The drape face cradle cover measures 15.5" at the top, 18" long, 22" wide at the bottom, with a 9" cut up from the bottom for the face opening. This provides ample material for full headrest coverage without a lot of extra unneeded material. It's a very simple, easy to use solution.

Pamper your clients with the soft feel of flannel instead of using the paper disposable which may make your clients feel like they are in a doctors examining room.

Our Drape Face Cradle Covers are made out of our 100% cotton flannel material. Available in all of our seven color choices.


  • Product Unit: Pack of 12