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Figure Trimmer
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Figure Trimmer Figure Trimmer

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  • Trims the midsection
  • Stimulates blood circulation
  • Massages the feet
  • Compact & Portable

Remember the "Sit N' Spin" that you may have played with as a child? Here's the grown-up version, and it's great for slimming your waist.

With the Figure Trimmer, you are spinning your way to a trimmer stomach in an upright position. The idea is to place your feet over the footprints on the Figure Trimmer, and rotate your body from right to left. With the Figure Trimmer, you can set your own pace and time frame. It is a workout that targets the abdominal area, so you can get that six pack back again! Just spin from side to side and have fun while working on those abs!



Since modern people are not used to walking barefoot, there is a loss of the freedom and flexibility that complements good health. Those who champion Reflexology believe that stimulation of the soles of the feet can enhance the functioning of the internal organs. The Massage Figure Trimmer both massages and stimulates the meridian points on the bottoms of the feet, and includes added magnetic inserts to apply magnetism to reflexology points.

1. Diameter: 11 1/2", 29cm, Stimulates more than 200 meridian points:
  To promote health, to stimulate physical activity, helps fight fatigue, promotes flexibility, serves as a massage.
2. Comfortable to use. No unhealthy side effects.
  • Mfr SKU: USJ-206