Germicidal Cabinet - Replacement Bulb
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Replacement bulb for Mini 209 UV sterilizer cabinet

Philips Sterilamp® brand T5 germicidal fluorescent lamp. 8 Watts and 12" for use in germicidal sterilization applications.

  • Highest UV output at 250 nm
  • Produces UVC radiation to kill microscopic organisms.  CAUTION: can be very harmful to eyes and skin.  DO NOT expose eyes or unprotected skin to these lamps.  SERIOUS injury and blindness could result. 

  • Lamp has application in both used in professional water and air disinfection units.
  • TUV T8 lamps offer almost constant UV output over their complete lifetime, for maximum security of disinfection and high system efficacy.
  • Long and reliable lifetime, which allows maintenance to be planned for in advance.
  • Also known as G8T5
  • Also known as G8T5
Full Specs


Philips Lighting

Product Line


Model Number

Energy Used 8 Watts
Base Miniature Bipin
Bulb Shape T-5
Bulb Finish Clear
Bulb Technology Fluorescent
Average Rated Life (hr) 11000
Length (in) 12
Diameter (in) 0.625
Contains Mercury (Hg) Yes
GE 11077 - G8T5
Osram Sylvania 20811 - G8T5
  • Mfr SKU: UVC-NBJ